Institute of Developmental Skills

Why you may need us?



· Performing below age level academically

· Avoids reading, writing or skips lines when reading (

· Lack of concentration

· Lack of coordination

· Lack of social relationships

· Low self esteem

· Diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia

· Appears not to listen

· Needs things repeated

· Difficulty with phonetics

· An auditory processing difficulty (

· Easily frustrated, blames others, anger attacks, clumsy

· Poor handwriting, awkward pencil grip

· Confuses signs in mathematics

· Ambidextrous or mixed dominance for different tasks

· Difficulty in sensory integration

· Retained primitive reflexes (

Mrs. Smitha Kandula


Who are we?

Blooms Beyond-The Institute of Developmental Skills is headed by Mrs. Smitha Kandula. She  has done her Masters is Arts and Masters in Education to venture into the field of education. Since 1997, she has gained immense experience as an educationist and a therapist. She has undergone kindergarten, middle & high school teacher’s training under renowned international specialists in education.

She is a certified practitioner in the Extra Lesson Developmental Programme for children. And also in Integrated Listening System– clinical therapy and school therapy. She is a certified Brain Gym therapist. Her classroom observation and remedial intervention at Blooming Buds Techno High School, Hyderabad, India since its inception in 2001, further compliments her expertise in the field of learning skills for children.

She has helped children from various renowned schools in Hyderabad. Children from different parts of India successfully overcome their learning difficulties with her technical expertise, dedication and child friendly nature.